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On Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain-BSC
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Updated: Sep 23rd 2021

What is GameFi Protocol ?

GameFi Protocol (GFP) is the first GameFi mining pool protocol, aiming to build the first global Gamefi aggregation platform, and its governance token is GFI. The holders of this token spontaneously form GFP-DAO. Conduct community governance of GameFi Protocol. The main products developed based on the GFP are as follows:

1.Gswap: The GFP can help GFI holders to obtain free GFI token rewards through stake GFI or Forth in GSwap; users can also conduct trading, farming (liquidity mining), and launchpools (Free launch of GameFi project)in GSwap.

2.Gminer: The GFP can help most ordinary player users who lack professionalism and limited time, as well as users who are interested in GameFi, through GMiner to efficiently configure users' digital assets into different GameFi, and cooperate with professional players to obtain maximum benefits.

3.Gamelist: The GFP encourages outstanding GameFi teams to launch projects on Gamelist.

4.Developer Alliance: Rewards developers who participate in the GFP ecosystem-GameFi explorers, GameFi professional players, code contributors, bug diggers, etc.

GFI Tokenomics is the core rule that guarantees the long-term development of the project. Incentives based on the degree to which the GFP creates value will always be the highest principle of GFI Tokenomics.

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