DeFi Warrior

On Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain-BSC
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Updated: Sep 16th 2021

What is DeFi Warrior ?

Defi Warrior is a blockchain-based game genre inspired by the universe of cryptocurrencies, not only brings blockchain elements into the game, but also recreates the miniature blockchain world to help players both play the game and better understand how blockchain works in an interesting way.

The warriors backed by the BEP721 standard are created and represented a cryptocurrency which can be certainly influenced by that coin on the market. This is one of the factors that brings surprises for players..

Defi Warrior brings not only a game but an NFT & decentralized financial gaming experience. It is a combination of a DEX and a NFT game for those who are finding things interesting in both the financial or trading sector and gaming.

Warriors represent cryptocurrencies that also benefit crypto projects by increasing token demand for the project.

The innovative technology here can be mentioned is the Off-chain gameplay combined with Smart Contract so people can play games on blockchain and be charged a low fee.

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