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Updated: Dec 27th 2022

What is CryptoVillages ?

CryptoVillages is a brand new BNB blockchain-based game where players can:
- Construct and upgrade buildings to generate income
- Send troops on wilderness raids to collect resources they can sell to other players on the marketplace
- Team up with other players to defeat epic world bosses for rare and unique loot
- Battle against each other for epic, real-world prizes

Inspired by classic titles such as Age of Empires II, Heroes of Might and Magic and Final Fantasy VII, CryptoVillages combines PlayToEarn with old-school mechanics that shaped an entire generation of gamers. With a thoroughly tested stable economy, and an emphasis on high-quality production value, CryptoVillages is the perfect game for those looking to weather the storm of the 2022-2023 crypto winter.

Players can purchase buildings that generate doubloons when supplied with food/resources. This in-game currency is the backbone of the game economy and can be withdrawn for CVGT (the native cryptocurrency for CryptoVillages). These buildings can be upgraded over time to generate additional doubloons, by using resources obtained from sending the buildings troops on wilderness raids. Additionally, world bosses periodically appear on the map, which players can work together to defeat, providing them with both resources and doubloons.

CryptoVillages offers unique mechanics not seen before in the space, designed to reward our earliest adopters. Whether it our stakeholder buildings, which are non-playable assets that generate passive income from in-game marketplace trading volume, or our unique staking reward system for our commander/weapon NFTs, players and investors alike are rewarded for their commitment to the CryptoVillages ecosystem.

CryptoVillages is unique in that unlike many projects in the space, the core game is already fully designed, before the token launch. The goal of CryptoVillages was to have a full game prior to the token presale, to provide immediate utility on launch.

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