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On Blockchain: Ethereum Smart Chain-ETH
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Updated: Dec 2nd 2022

What is Chain Joes ?

Chain Joes is a mobile Isometric Action Shooter created under the guidance of an AAA game studio with blockchain and marketing professionals. This gaming masterpiece is designed to deliver the best gameplay based on the WEB3 enemies concept, proven game mechanics, and a new Play-And-Earn model that is more accessible to the masses than the expensive and complex Play-To-Earn model.

In addition to the classic PVP mode, where the ranked match function will be available, we have created a fun concept for our PVE mode in the game. In our Chain Joes mobile game, everything is from the real web3, so the villains in it are Hackers, Spammers, and Scammers! Gamers will have to fight them, protecting the DAO from their attempts to steal our assets, spam our mail or try to sell you shit coins. We will expose them together and clear the DAO of all threats!

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