SunDog ( SunDog ) AIRDROP


Airdrop time end.

SunDog’s airdrop is here, offering eligible participants an opportunity to receive their share of $250,000,000,000,000 in SunDog tokens, worth approximately $4,250,000. Get ready to make big money by participating in this exciting opportunity!

About SunDog

SunDog is a unique and innovative Meme token, a token of the DsunDAO International Alliance, which aims to continuously promote the development of DsunDAO.
The birth of Dsun DAO is a justice alliance formed spontaneously by many groups who have been cut by SUN without a bottom line. This is the historical mission of Dsun DAO.

The DsunDAO Alliance will provide a series of innovative products and services, such as the world's first anti-evil NFT market, non-destructive lottery applications, LP liquidity mining, Dsun DAO funds that support anti-evil activities, etc.

The SunDog Token ($SunDog) is a decentralized and sustainable deflationary token issued on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that has the potential to revolutionize the industry and have a real impact on the fight against fraud.

NOTE: SunDong Airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide:

How to join the SunDog airdrop?

Requirements to Earn Free Crypto Coins

1. Visit the SunDog airdrop page.

Switch your Metamask wallet to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network and connect it to the Airdrop page. Make sure you have at least 100,000,000 $SunDog in your wallet to prevent bots (this amount will not be deducted).

1. Click the "Claim Airdrop" button, scroll down and click "Clock" to enroll and receive 1,000,000 $SunDog tokens. You can do it once a day.

Insist on daily check-in to get incremental airdrops, each consecutive check-in will increase 10,000 $SunDog tokens. There is no gas fee for check-in.

Invite your friends to join the airdrop using your referral link to earn 50% airdrop rewards. You also get a 25% airdrop reward for anyone they refer. If you refer 100 people to participate in the airdrop and let them sign in for a total of 5 days, you will get 1,000,000,000 $SunDog tokens as a reward.

To keep up with the latest news and updates from SunDog, be sure to follow their Twitter account @DsunDAO and join the community on Discord and Telegram.

  Good luck!

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