Obsidium ( OBS ) AIRDROP


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What is Obsidium?

Obsidium is an ecosystem, serverless, cross-chain, layer-2 solution that fuel the crypto space with DeFi, AMM & NFTs. It’s benefits include infinite scalability, high throughput sub-second confirmation time, and fees at a tenth of a cent.

Now we have opened our Airdrop. Everyone it's eligible to participate and get all our tokens. There it's no limit of how many you can get.

Step-by-Step Guide:

✈️ 🎁  Obsidium - $OBS - Airdrop 🎁 ✈️

To can participate into the
🎈-airdrops, you're required to have @Community-Member Rank!
Please, do not chat into this channel, airdrop discussions are available at
🎈-airdrops-discussions !

To become a @Community-Member you need to follow the instructions:

1. Follow us on Twitter ( https://twitter.com/obsidium_cc )

2. Join our Telegram Group Chat ( https://t.me/obsidium_chat )

3. Join our Telegram Channel ( https://t.me/obsidium_announcements )

4. Share our community on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord or Telegram!

5. Create a never expire invite to our Discord and invite 10 Members!

Airdrop rules:

1. Drop as a reply into discord server your BSC (BEP-20) address, tokens will be sent to that address.

2.. You need to be a @Community-Member to can receive the Airdrop Tokens.

3. Getting the rank of @Community-Member you'll earn 20 $OBS Tokens.

4. Every each referal will be rewarded with 2 $OBS Tokens

Fill out the Airdrop Participation form and leave your BSC address to receive your OBS!

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