Omicron ( OMT ) AIRDROP


Airdrop time end.

Are We Ready for the Shower of Gifts? 

Of those who participated in the excavation event between 1 June 2023 and 1 August 2023; 

🥇 100 USDT for 1st 

🥈 50 USDT for 2nd Place 

🥉 25 USDT for 3rd Place 

We distribute 5 USDT Event rewards to those who have a ranking between 4-10. 

🥇 We also provide a refund to the winner to install their lot for 1 OMT installation fee (499 OMT if the lot is installed). 

🔥 You can already start growing your social network and increasing your speed... 

NOTE: The event will be held by considering the amount of excavation made between the specified dates. Participation in the event will be provided automatically. Gifts will be sent to the accounts in USDT (Tether) at the end of the event and will be available for all kinds of transactions such as trading, withdrawal, sending, etc. 

PlayStore :

Omicron Gift Rain Continues...

As we prepare for the launch of Omicron Network, we continue to distribute assets to the community and expand our community as much as possible to become a community-owned asset.

In this regard:

💵 Everyone participating in the airdrop and completing the tasks will receive 5 OMT (Omicron Token).

💵 Additionally, for each person invited through the shared invitation link who successfully completes the tasks, 2 OMT (Omicron Token) will be distributed.

NOTE: Omicron Token (OMT) is a limited supply asset with a maximum total supply of 100 million tokens across all networks.

To participate in the airdrop, you can use the Gifts/Event section of the

Step-by-Step Guide:

1- Launch Omicron Official Bot :

2- Select your language and start the airdrop by using the "Gifts" and "Airdrop" Buttons, respectively.

3- Do the Twitter and Facebook tasks.

4- Join our Telegram groups.

5- Download our miner and blockchain tools app.

6- Send us the necessary information about Airdrop.

7- Let's send your Airdrop earnings to your account.

8- Participate in our mining event and earn more.

9- Get a chance to win USDT and OMT Rewards in our mining event.

NOTE : The two events are independent and the distribution of the airdrop rewards will be made when your participation is confirmed, and will be credited to your accounts at the end of the airdrop at the latest.

Thanks for your participation.

Omicron Core Team

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