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TINOCOIN aims to be the best decentralized token platform on offer. It will provide a solid foundation, using existing Binance smart chain Technologies, for token projects to launch and succeed from by offering end-to-end token solutions for fixed supply and non-fungible tokens.

TINOCOIN is airdropping a minimum of 100,000 TINO to users who hold TINO by the snapshot date. A snapshot will be taken on September 15th at 8 pm UTC and eligible holders will receive free TINO via two time-locked transactions. 

NOTE: Visit and add yourself and invite others from Telegram, Twitter and Facebook

Step-by-Step Guide:

1.Buy and hold TINO before the snapshot date to be eligible for the airdrop.

2.The snapshot will be taken on September 25th at 8 pm UTC.

3.Users can purchase TINO from https://pancakeswap

4.Eligible holders will get free TINO proportional to the amount of TINO they’re holding.

5.Any unsoldTINO from the IDO will also be added to the airdrop pool.

6.All premine addresses apart from the 1 million Early Adopter allocation will be excluded from the airdrop.

7.Half of the airdrop pool will be time-locked for 9 months and the remaining half for 18 months

Fill out the Airdrop Participation form and leave your BSC address to receive your Tino!

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