Fundex ( FUN ) AIRDROP


Airdrop time end.

Fundex airdrop is eligible for everyone, please visit our website and claim your free airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide:

Welcome to the Fundex stablecoin exchange, the Fundex development team is going to airdrop xFUN tokens to Fundex supporters to stimulate the enthusiasm of the community.

xFUN contract address: 0x2622a162135b38cae6b9ab2d479832e2e3512e0c

First, please add the xFUN token contract to your wallet so that you can observe the amount of xFUN in your wallet.

For the second part, please visit the stake page on the Fundex official website:

Please click the Connect wallet button on the upper right corner of the page. When the wallet is correctly connected to the Fundex official website, please click xFUN’s farming pool.

Click the Approve button to allow xFUN to be staked on the farm. After paying the gas fee, you can stake xFUN on the farm.

After a period of staking, xFUN will continue to generate FUN tokens to reward investors. Click the claim button to get FUN tokens.

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