SantaDoge ( sdoge ) AIRDROP


Airdrop time end.

Christmas is coming! SantaDoge prepares an awesome advent calender starting on the first of december that holds many suprises, like NFT collections, coins and SantaDoge (sdoge) tokens. Our Airdrop is the start of a new token that will take everyone by suprise with it's transparency, creativity and community! Welcome to the SantaDoge family. 

NOTE: Get ready for our advent calendar

Step-by-Step Guide:

SantaDoge (sdoge) Airdrop


If you do not follow us on Twitter + Telegram you are not qualified for the airdrop!

1. Follow Twitter:

2. Follow Telegram:

3. Send BSC adress 

The airdrop varies on amount of participants: 100 - 10'000 (sdoge) per person

Welcome to the SantaDoge family and get ready for our advent calendar! Merry Christmas!

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