Airdrop time end.

Join the Exclusive #CaribDAO CoinAlpha Airdrop and earn:

50 $CARIB for participating!

Please note: Distribution of this Airdrop is ongoing and ends October 1st. We reserve the right to reject any participant with or without providing a reason.

The Official CARIB Airdrop (not this one) ends Oct. 10th, 2022, for more info visit

The Official CARIB Presale begins Oct. 17, 2022, for more info visit


NOTE: Complete All tasks to earn CARIB!

Step-by-Step Guide:

Complete the Official CARIB Airdrop and you will earn from both campaigns, 50 $CARIB here on CoinAlpha and up to 100 $CARIB on Telegram. That's up to 150 $CARIB total!

All steps are mandatory and must be completed.

Follow the steps below:
1) Follow us on Twitter, Like, and Retweet our pinned Tweet:

2) Visit and start the bot

3) Vote for Carib DAO here on CoinAlpha



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