Airdrop time end.

LiteBNB Giveaway for the first 250 holders of LBNB! To join the giveaway you have to buy 500.000 (500k) LiteBNB on Pancakeswap

Then the waiting game starts! We will announce the winner of 10.000.000 LiteBNB (10M) when we reach our first 250 address milestone. We hope to encourage you guys to get in touch with the LiteBNB project and join us in holding LBNB. At the start of the event LiteBNB was approaching the first 100 unique addresses.

Share this with your friends, traders, and crypto lovers thank you for participating! As the goal has not yet been reached we decided to give all participants a compensation of 50k LiteBNB for free when we pass the 250 address mark!

Step-by-Step Guide:

Buy 500.000 (500k) LiteBNB via,

Hold atleast this 500k tokens in your BSC wallet when reaching 250 unique addresses and receive 50k for free and a chance to win 10M LBNB!

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