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MDT’s consumer oriented product RewardMe, an app that rewards YOU for the data you contribute.

RewardMe is a new way of reward app that helps you earn rewards automatically on the purchase you made. It’s part of the MDT ecosystem, and rewards YOU for the data you contribute. Once you opt-in, your data is anonymized, aggregated, and exchanged as big data. And the platform creates smart contracts through the blockchain to make sure you get your share of the profits — The Rewards you earn from the RewardMe app!

Unlike traditional reward programs where you can only redeem rewards on specific shopping items with specific referral links, RewardMe automatically rewards you on the eligible purchases you made on various platforms, and even on other reward programs! It’s never just a one-time campaign you would sign up for, with RewardMe, you can keep earning rewards on your ongoing purchases. Join us in this sustainable reward ecosystem, and have fun.


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