Airdrop time end.

1,000,000 $NFM NFTISMUS Token  Giveaway

Complete the tasks and earn $NFM Tokens.  (no lock, you can transfer, stake or sell immediately)

- Distribution After 30/09/2022

Step-by-Step Guide:

Complete some of the following tasks to participate in the airdrop:

Join our New Telegram Channel ( and get 10 $NFM and our Discord Channel ( and get 10 $NFM

Subscribe to our Medium Page ( and get 10 $NFM

Subscribe to our Reddit Community ( and get 10 $NFM

Follow our Twitter page, Retweet the pinned post ( and get 10 NFM

Buy 100 $NFM and get 30 $NFM extra

Buy 500 $NFM and get 200 $NFM extra

Buy 1,000 $NFM and get 500 $NFM extra

Buy 5,000 $NFM and get 3,000 $NFM extra

Buy 10,000 $NFM and get 7000 $NFM extra

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