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"Safe Terra" is actually a simple idea with environmental goals! This project asks you as a hero to plant a tree or clean the nature and You can then receive token by posting the relevant photos or videos of your actions on twitter.

The goal is to inform people about the advantages of planting trees and to encourage them to plant trees like you and care about their environment. All the people who plant trees will continue this chain and become the heroes of the Earth.


NOTE: Get FREE Airdrop 100,000 $SafeTerra

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🎁 Join Airdrop 👉   Click here

ℹ️ Click 💎Get SafeTerra Airdrop 

ℹ️ Scroll Down and Search Twitter AirDrop

ℹ️ Click "Connect Us to Your Twitter"

ℹ️ Complete All Twitter Tasks 


🔥 Minimum Withdraw 100,000 $SafeTerra





















































































































Fill out the Airdrop Participation form and leave your BSC address to receive your SafeTerra!

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